Study Indonesian

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Looking for an Indonesian language tutor? Wish to study Indonesian as soon as possible? We are a group of native Indonesian speakers who have experienced teaching Indonesian language to English speakers with affordable course fee. We are available from Sunday to Saturday, from 5 am to 11 pm, including on public holidays.

Our new classes are open next Monday at 7 pm, at Serangoon Central. Limited offers only. We guarantee that you can speak Indonesian within less than 2 weeks! Curriculum includes Indonesian grammar, conversation, and vocabulary. Our classes consist of: - Beginner’s class - Intermediate class - Advanced class

Lesson will starts if there are at least 4 students learning within the same group. Course fee starts at SGD 350 per month for total of 20 hours. This course fee includes learning materials and non-refundable. The course fee must be fully paid within no less than 1 week before the class starts. Placement test is required for those interested to join the intermediate and advance level.